About us


 Global Players Marketing Company

It is an Egyptian shareholding company that works in marketing football players field around the world . The company was founded in 2014 by the former Wadi Degla club player, Captain Mohamed El-Meniawy.

The company started its activities by marketing the players and helping them to professionalize abroad.

Given the company success in this field and in line with its developed and synchronized vision of the  sports investment rise in Egypt.The company’s management and investors decided in 2020 to expand the business through opening Egypt's first talented school.

It is an internal school that teaches football and builds professional international player’s personality and market them in the largest clubs around the world.


Visions and Goals

Contributing to Egyptian football development. Also, provide a lot of talents then market them globally.
Hoping that it will be beneficial for the Egyptian teams of various ages. In addition, we aim to become one of the leading marketing football players' companies in Egypt and the whole world. As we believe in the important role that football plays the nation's economy. Moreover, it brings different people from all over the world together 




Dealing with trust and commitment. Also considering the work ethics , mutual respect, and honesty.

One team (Cooperation)

Maintain mutual interest of the organization as a whole and ensuring compatibility to reach the objectives of the organization and customers.

Interest in human resources

Creating a  productive work environment in which workers can have  a room for development and career growth . It slso motivates them positively to contribute a common success.