Talent school

Talent School 

Its a free football school. 

Talent school is founded upon our belief in the importance of raising the name of Egypt high in the international forums. It is an internal school where the children taught football, also their personalities got developed to suit a professional global player. And then they are marketed in the biggest clubs around the world.


We are tackling three main aspects:

Educational aspect :

Not only talent can create a professional football player, but with the educational aspect we can do it, as it is an essential part in building a player. This is through the direct contact with the most experienced specialists in various educational fields.


Technical aspect:

We are focused on teaching the players all the football fundamentals, in what way they shall train, basics of arbitration, and international protocols. This is via recruiting elite of the worlds top football training schools. Also, by establishing external / foreign camps which help the players to exchange culture and experience the living ambiance of football professionals.


Academic aspect:

Football players should not only cover the educational and technical aspects. But, they also have to be well educated, as education is an essential part to football professionals. This should reflect on them on different sides; so, they have to speak more than one language, know how to deal with others, aware of human development skills and work on developing it. That all took place through using the top and most experienced specialists in the various fields.